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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

  • 2023 / 3 / 27
    Huge Announcement Massive Changes Coming To The Podcast - H3TV #70

    Today we have some life-altering announcements when it comes to the future of the podcast. We also discuss the new trial to rock the world (Gwyneth Paltrow vs some skiing dude), Ethan being the new alpha...

  • 2023 / 3 / 25
    Ethan Is TikTok's New Alpha God, Men Guess What Women's Beauty Products Do - After Dark #99

    Today Ethan declares himself the ultimate alpha male. We also review a bunch of feminine beauty products, a presentation on buccal fat, and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...

  • 2023 / 3 / 23
    Watching Trump's Arrest LIVE!!! - Leftovers #42

    Today we are reporting LIVE from Mar-a-Lago. We cover the impending 100%-happening Trump arrest, the ongoing saga of Meatball Ron vs Trump, and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...

  • 2023 / 3 / 22
    Having A Civil Conversation With A TikTok Alpha Male - Off The Rails #65

    Today we host a very civil healthy debate with sigma social media guru Sebastian Ghiorghiu about all things masculine. We also have reformed Jimmie Lee cohosting the show as his real identity Dr James Wiener....

  • 2023 / 3 / 20
    Ethan Got A Wet & Reckless - H3TV #69

    Today we have some unfortunate news; Ethan got dangerously drunk over the weekend and law enforcement got involved. We also have a referendum on whether Jimmie Lee will be allowed back in the studio, we take...

  • 2023 / 3 / 17
    We Get Trashed On St. Paddy's Day - After Dark #98

    Today we get DRUNK. That's it.. Ethan transforms into a goblin like a werewolf under the light of the full moon. We ring in St Patrick's day with cursed drinks and it's all rolling from there. We talk about...

  • 2023 / 3 / 16
    Joe Rogan Opens Anti-Woke Comedy Club, Did Jordan Peterson Relapse? - Leftovers #41

    Today we discuss the facescanning 1984 George Orwellian comedy club opened by Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson becoming obsessed with the Looney Tunes, Ron DeSantis' baseball career taking off, and much more! Learn...

  • 2023 / 3 / 15
    We Snuck Into The Oscars, Cr1tikal vs Sneako - Off The Rails #64

    Today we discuss the ongoing feud between Critikal and Sneako that is heating up. We also chat about the Oscars, the Jared Fogle documentary, and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...

  • 2023 / 3 / 11
    AI Wrote This Episode - After Dark #97

    Today we take a trip into cyberspace and have ChatGPT automate our jobs. We also discuss a new Jimmie Lee conspiracy (his life is a movie), a TikTokker's insane post that resulted in CPS taking their child...

  • 2023 / 3 / 9
    Tucker Is Trumps #1 Hater - Leftovers #40

    Today we're finally back! Hasan tells us about his trip to Japan, we discuss the latest January 6th footage, some insane rhetoric about the eradication of transgenderism from Michael Knowles & the Daily Wire,...

  • 2023 / 3 / 9
    Andrew Tate Says Trans Rights, Nick Cannon's Disturbing New Show, Elon Musk - Off The Rails #63

    Today we talk Elon Musk's latest very embarrassing Twitter meltdown, Andrew Tate's resurfaced clip discussing the ways sexuality is a spectrum, a scientific analysis over the ways zoomer kinetic sand and...

  • 2023 / 3 / 7
    Protecting MrBeast Chocolate Display Live At Walmart - H3TV #68

    On this episode of the H3 Podcast we go to war for our lord and savior MrBeast, talk about The Quartering's latest meltdown, Kenneth Copeland being a literal demon, and a surprise call in from Jeff...

  • 2023 / 3 / 2
    The Crew Gives Ethan A Makeover - Off The Rails #62

    Today, the crew gives Ethan a thrift store makeover! We also have a discussion on Vitaly's recent comeback, BigNik's further descent into Christian fundamentalism, a Wendy Williams update, and much...

  • 2023 / 2 / 28
    My Mom Calls In To Explain Selena Gomez vs. Hailey Bieber Drama - H3TV #67

    Today we are joined by Shirtless Eddie! He is the cohost for the day, and regales us all with his incredible tales of Hollywood. Donna also calls in for a deep dive into the Selena Gomez/Hailey Bieber drama,...

  • 2023 / 2 / 25
    Tana Mongeau - H3 Podcast #266

    Today we are joined by none other than Tana Mongeau! This is our first solo interview with Tana, and we really jump into it. From her start in YouTube, to her upbringing, to her current success and...

  • 2023 / 2 / 23
    Curing 1,000 People of Their Tourette's - Off The Rails #61

    Today we process the wild NXIVM interview from Monday and ensuing fallout. Ethan also responds to Philip DeFranco's callout, we dig into some cringey Brent Rivera drama, an interview with Shirtless Eddie, a...

  • 2023 / 2 / 21
    Confronting NXIVM Cult Member Featured In The Vow - H3TV #66

    Today we have a VERY interesting conversation with a NXIVM cult member that gets a bit heated...we also talk about a Twitch SCANDAL, and more!

  • 2023 / 2 / 18
    We're Having A Third Baby & Greenscreen Tournament - After Dark #95

    Today Ethan and Hila discuss their journey towards a 3rd baby! We also provide an update on Dhar Mann, we review Jay Shetty's $20 smoothie, and much more!

  • 2023 / 2 / 16
    Comedy Is LEGAL Again! - Leftovers #39

    Today we discuss the Daily Wire's heroic efforts to revive comedy! First up: Roseanne Barr. We also dig into the differences between a leftist and a liberal, Meatball Ron, Jordan Peterson potentially coming...

  • 2023 / 2 / 16
    We Play Cursed Beer Pong, Cardi B McDonalds Meal Taste Test - Off The Rails #60

    Today, we play a CURSED game of beer pong where every cup contains a diabolical concoction cooked up by Sam! We also review the Cardi B McDonald's meal (along with some very experimental avant-garde...

  • 2023 / 2 / 14
    Ethan’s Plan To Never Get Cancelled Again, Super Bowl, Joe Rogan Scam, MGK 💔 Megan Fox - H3TV #65

    Today we discuss this dystopian Joe Rogan supplement scam, a recap of the horrifying events in Ohio, a call with Dr Idz regarding the positive benefits of ice baths, and much more!

  • 2023 / 2 / 11
    iDubbbz & Anisa - H3 Podcast #265

    Today we're joined by iDubbbz & Anisa! We talk about the upcoming Creator Clash 2, Dad calls in and discusses the fight with AB, we review the Dave Portnoy pizza, & much more!

  • 2023 / 2 / 9
    I Lost My Lawsuit - Off The Rails #59

    Today, Ethan has some bad news regarding his lawsuit...We also discuss the Dhar Mann controversy surrounding his working conditions, Leonardo DiCaprio's alleged new girlfriend, XQC friendship arc, & the crew...

  • 2023 / 2 / 7
    Solving Your Problems With Therapy Gecko - H3TV #64

    Today we are joined by the therapy gecko! We take calls from viewers to solve all sorts of issues, from micropenis disagreements to boyfriends disapproving of their partner participating in sex work, to...

  • 2023 / 2 / 4
    Ethan Banned On TikTok & Jeffree Starr Is Dating Tom Brady Power Point - After Dark #94

    Today we bid farewell to Ethan's TikTok. We also have a very heated debate regarding Jeffree Star and his mystery NFL sweetheart, a call-in from the fantastically puzzling Infrabren, & much more!

  • 2023 / 2 / 2
    MrBeast Drama, Ron DeStinky Attacks Trump, Shocking Steven Crowder Revelation - Leftovers #38

    Today we dig into the Mr Beast eye drama & Ethan has a suggestion for a new business venture...we also get into the brewing Trump/DeSantis war, Steven Crowder's unearthed admission, and much more!

  • 2023 / 2 / 2
    The 3rd Annual Steamies Awards! Ft. Jeff Wittek & Tana Mongeau

    Today we host the 3rd annual Steamies! This year we are joined by two very special cohosts, Jeff Wittek & Tana Mongeau!

  • 2023 / 1 / 30
    Rebecca Black - H3 Podcast #264

    Today we are joined by the superbly talented Rebecca Black! We discuss her early rise to fame, her long-awaited debut album, and much more! After she departs we stick around for a post-interview chat about Mr...

  • 2023 / 1 / 28
    Big big huge announcement massive announcement - After Dark #92

    Today we have a MASSIVE announcement you will want to miss! We also discuss MascaraGATE, the Austin Butler accent drama, a new alpha influencer approaches, Jay Leno's glass bones, & much more!

  • 2023 / 1 / 26
    Steven Crowder vs Ben Shapiro, George Santos Is A Weasley Little Liar Dude - Leftovers #37

    Today Ethan and Hasan compare nipple sizes, bond over Milf Manor, dig into the unhinged world of slap fights, the Crowder vs Daily Wire saga, George Santos' Pinocchioan adventure into politics, & much more!

  • 2023 / 1 / 26
    We Break 9 Different Guinness World Records & Creator Clash Announced RIP AB - Off The Rails #58

    Today we take on 9 world records! Every crew member steps up to the plate and shows their skills. We also discuss Nikocado Avocado, the best version of Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire ever seen by the...

  • 2023 / 1 / 24
    I'm Going To Adin Ross' House, MILF Manor - H3TV #63

    Today Ethan makes a declaration...he will be going to Adin Ross' house to become his new Morpheus. We also discuss the most unhinged reality show ever,

  • 2023 / 1 / 21
    Anthony Fantano - H3 Podcast #263

    On this episode of the H3 Podcast we are joined by music critic Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop! Together we discuss his beef with drake, grunge, R Kelly's passport song, and a whole lot more!

  • 2023 / 1 / 21
    Andrew Tate Debate With Bradley Martyn Of NELK - Leftovers #36

    LEFTOVERS IS BACK BABY! On this ep we talk Trump returning to twitter- the civil war brewing between Crowder and Shapiro, and Bradley Martyn of NELK calls in to debate the unearthed footage of Tate detailing...

  • 2023 / 1 / 19
    Logan Paul Ain’t Coming Back From This - Off The Rails #57

    Today we do a David Dobrik pizza review, review one of the most cringe TikTok accounts of all time, discuss the latest development in the Coffeezilla Logan Paul drama, and much more!

  • 2023 / 1 / 17
    Andrew Tate, Adin Ross, Logan Paul - H3TV #62

    Today we are finally BACK! Ethan escapes the matrix and digs into all the things we missed while we were gone including the horrifying Andrew Tate updates, Adin Ross and his beef with Ethan, and much more!

  • 2022 / 12 / 17
    The 2022 Sound Bite Tournament - After Dark #92

    Today is the competition to end all competitions...the SOUNDBITE TOURNAMENT. We recap all the best soundbites of the year, and battle it out in a winner-takes-all clash!

  • 2022 / 12 / 15
    How To Own Your MAGA Family This Christmas - Leftovers #35

    Today we are welcomed by Ethan's alter-ego Nathaniel Klansman, who will debate Hasan in a series of topics you may encounter at this year's holiday gatherings with your right-wing family! We walk you through...

  • 2022 / 12 / 15
    Stavros Halkias - H3 Podcast #262

    Today we welcome the unparalleled comedy talent, Stavros Halkias! We host a Jimmie Lee comedy workshop, discuss the Helen Keller fraud conspiracy, we show Stavros the prolapse, and much more!

  • 2022 / 12 / 14
    Nikocado Calls Out Ethan, Elon Gets Booed At Chapelle Show - H3TV #61

    Today we recap what might be the cringiest moment of Elon Musk's life, Nikocado coming for Ethan and reigniting the war horns, and much more!

  • 2022 / 12 / 10
    Brittany Broski Is BACK!- H3 Podcast #261

    Today we welcome back the incredibly funny Brittany Broski! We host the "Brittany Brawl" (a cutthroat tournament to determine who Brittany stans the most), try a selection of fine cuisine (an oreo burger, M&M...

  • 2022 / 12 / 10
    Hasan Banned From Twitch, Kanye West Still Hatin - Leftovers #34

    Today we recap Hasan's tragic banning from Twitch. We also cover the rapid deteriorating situation regarding Kanye and much more!

  • 2022 / 12 / 10
    We Play Silent Library 2 And Regret It - Off the Rails #57

    Today is the return of the dreadfully unpredictable Silent Library!

  • 2022 / 12 / 6
    I Sent An Impersonator To The Streamys - H3TV #60

    Today Ethan discusses his incredible trip to the Streamys! Well, he didn't actually go. But we sent an impersonator, so we discuss his incredible trip to the Streamys instead. We also discuss the Balenciaga...

  • 2022 / 12 / 2
    Bradley Martyn - H3 Podcast #260

    Today we have Bradley Martyn in the studio! We squash the beef, have a fitness competition, and challenge Bradley to a spicy chip SHOWDOWN.

  • 2022 / 12 / 1
    Kanye West, Tim Pool, Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes - Leftovers #33

    Today we react to the wild Alex Jones/Kanye West interview LIVE. We also discuss Ben Shapiro and Tim Pool's reaction to the situation and much more!

  • 2022 / 12 / 1
    We Review Influencer Products, Liver King Exposed - Off The Rails #56

    Today we're reviewing all the latest influencer products! We also cover the liver king situation and we make a VERY special purchase at the end of the show...

  • 2022 / 11 / 29
    I Need To Step Away For A Bit - H3TV #59

    Today is a Keemstar spectacular! We recap an unearthed Keemstar stream of cringe that takes the H3 Podcast by storm.

  • 2022 / 11 / 22
    War Horn On New Hater, World Cup in Qatar, Elon Unbans Trump - H3TV #58

    Today we go to WAR with a new challenger approaching...we also cover the insanity around the world cup, more Elon Musk Twitter meltdowns, the most absurd chemical peels, & more!

  • 2022 / 11 / 19
    Hila Got Banned On Twitter - After Dark #90

    Today we debrief Hila's DEPLATFORMING from Twitter. We also discuss Ian's Kanye mod status reaching international news, a Howie Mandel recap, our worst moments as servers, & much more!